9 / 11 Charity Founder launches educational programme


The founder chairman of the education charity ‘SINCE 9 /11’ Peter Rosengard has given a tragically timely lecture to students at Birches Head Academy on the consequences of terrorism.

Speaking just three days after the Christchurch terrorist massacre, Peter, a successful London based Life Insurance Salesman, founded ‘SINCE 9 11’ in 2010, “to ensure generations to come will never forget the terrorist attacks of September 11th 2001 and the devastating effect of all terrorist activity.”

He told a packed main hall, “tragically I am speaking to you at a time when the human cost of terrorism is all too apparent: ever since 9/11 we’ve had horrific attacks around the world, and closer to home in London and Manchester and now in Christchurch on the other side of the world.”

Birches Head Academy is rolling out the six-week programme of one hour lessons on 9 /11 devised by the ‘SINCE 9/11’ charity in partnership with the UCL Institute of Education in London, so today’s students can learn more about the events, causes and consequences of 9/11 and through education prevent future atrocities.

“It’s a non-denominational, non-political education charity which teaches tolerance and respect for all faiths and religions” said Peter.

Birches Head Academy Headteacher Katie Dixon said: “The acclaimed ‘SINCE 9/11’ educational programme is an important free resource for our teachers and will enable us to provide what we believe are essential lessons in modern history. The fact that Peter has traveled to Stoke from London to be present at our launch shows just how committed he is to this humanitarian cause.”

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