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Student Leadership

At Birches Head Academy, we have a range of student leadership opportunities.  Becoming a student leader in one of our key academy roles can really enhance students’ personal development, character, confidence, and can often set students apart from the crowd when it comes to applying for college courses, apprenticeships or higher education.  For more information about each leadership role, including which students are eligible to apply and key staff to contact, please click on the links below.

Head Boy and Head Girl

The Head Boy and Head Girl are our most senior student leaders in school.  They speak at school events such as Open Evening and Awards evening, and help organise other prefects in the team through their role as duty leaders.  They are key ambassadors for the school, and are often called upon to meet local dignitaries and visitors.  They are supported in this work by a Deputy Head Boy and Girl.


Our team of year 11 prefects have the following responsibilities:

  • Carry out break and lunch time duties, reporting any issues to duty staff or the senior leader in charge of prefects on a daily/weekly basis.
  • Assist with the distribution of staff lunches to ensure staff duty points are covered in a timely manner as soon as social time commences.
  • Represent the school at key events e.g. Open Morning, Open Evening, Parents Evening etc.
  • Lead assemblies, developing confident oracy / public speaking skills.
  • Plan the year 11 prom through the formation of a prom committee.

The application process for Year 10 students who wish to become Head Boy / Head Girl or prefects begins early in spring term.  Any current Year 11 students who wish to join the prefect team must submit a written application and complete an interview.  Please see Mr. Hawke (Senior Teacher: Personal Development and Welfare) for further information.

School Council

The school council have the following responsibilities:

  • Meet regularly under the leadership of Mr. R. Smith to discuss key improvements and projects that will benefit the school and the wider community.
  • Carry out student voice activities that will inform this.
  • Plan and lead whole-school or community improvement projects and charity events, liaising with key staff and stakeholders.
  • Take part in the interview process for staff recruitment on the student panel.
  • Lead assemblies, developing confident oracy / public speaking skills.

Students wishing to join the school council should see Mr. Smith (Extended Schools Co-ordinator) for further information.

Anti-Bullying Team

The anti-bullying team have the following responsibilities:

  • Set-up and man an anti-bullying station where students can seek advice from peers, report bullying using an anti-bullying box or complete incident forms.
  • Take part in the delivery of anti-bullying activities as part of lessons on PSHE days.
  • Carry out student voice activities to gauge the extent of bullying issues and how effectively students feel these are dealt with.
  • Lead assemblies, developing confident oracy / public speaking skills.

Students wishing to join the anti-bullying team should see Mr. Hawke (Senior Teacher: Personal Development and Welfare) or Miss Nicklin (Behaviour Co-ordinator) for further information.

Form Captains

The role of form captain is a key leadership role for students in Key Stage 3 (Years 7 – 9).  Students wishing to go on to apply for the roles of Head Boy / Head Girl / Prefects in Key Stage 4 will gain valuable experience and will enhance their application by taking on this role.

  • Lead assemblies, developing confident oracy / public speaking skills.
  • Assist with the distribution of rewards.
  • Assist form tutors in form time as directed, but key responsibilities might include introducing activities, checking planner/equipment/PE kit, updating attendance displays etc.

Students interested in the role of form captain will need to submit a written application to their Head of Year, and take part in an interview with a form tutor and / or Head of Year / Assistant Head of Year from their year team.  Heads of Year for years 7 – 9 will provide information about the application process to students during each academic year, including key dates for applications to be submitted and for interviews to take place.  Parents will be informed of this by letter.

Subject Ambassadors

Coming soon…

Transition Ambassadors

Transition Ambassadors are students in Key Stage 3 (Years 7-9) who have a particular interest and expertise in helping Year 6 primary school students settle in to life at Birches Head Academy when they arrive for their Transition Days.  Transition Ambassadors also assist with Year 5 Taster Days, and events such as Open Mornings and Open Evenings.  Students interested in becoming a Transition Ambassador should see Mr. Lambert (Transition Co-ordinator).

Library Assistants

Library Assistants help our librarian Mrs Lawton in a variety of different ways with the day-to-day running of our busy school library.  Library Assistants are often helping out before and after school as well as during their breaks and lunch times, ensuring the smooth operation of this incredibly important hub within school.  Students interested in becoming a Library Assistant should speak directly to the Library Supervisor, Mrs Sanders.

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For students, parents and carers

The Staffordshire Youth Commission launched two surveys looking at the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on education and the mental health of students and parents.

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