Birches Head Academy


Severn Trent H.R. Director Neil Morrison told students at Birches Head Academy the desire to better oneself was the key quality in the jobs market

Neil, who is the jobs boss for the regional water company that employs 7,000 personnel, across the North, East and West Midlands, was talking to Year 10 pupils as part of the national Speakers’ Club Programme which provides inspirational role models to tell aspiring students about the demands of the real-life workplace. 

A former lecturer in Psychology, Neil said: “What we are looking for is hard work and commitment and a sense that the candidate has always been looking to improve themselves. It’s that willingness to go one better and bring something extra that excites employers.”

Neil, whose company provides pathways for a broad range of job seekers, from technicians, engineers and drivers to lawyers, scientists and even filmmakers, added: “In some instances we don’t look at qualifications, but try to assess on those personal skills of curiosity and endeavour.”

“Obviously we want young people to work hard at school and do the best they can, but it’s important to remember that some of the jobs these young people will be doing haven’t even been invented yet so the desire to embrace change, be curious and work hard is all important.’

Birches Head Principal Katie Dixon said” “We have developed some wonderful relationships with local businesses with links not only to Severn Trent but also to BT, KMF and Siemens among many.

“We hold an annual Careers’ Fayre and all the students have careers interviews so we can identify the work place activities to which they are best suited.’

“We are very proud of our track record that all of our students leave to take up places in education or training and of the growing alumni of university graduates.”

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Thursday 26th March

Parents/carers of students who are eligible for free school meals (FSM) should receive an e-mail/text today asking to choose a FSM e-voucher from a selection of 4 supermarkets. This will then trigger the voucher being sent overnight to use for 6 days. Friday 27th March and Monday 30th March to Friday 3rd April.

It is anticipated the vouchers will be sent out on a weekly basis.