Our Uniform

School Uniform Code/Policy

 Click on the link to view/download a leaflet- Birches Head Uniform (updated)  

At Birches Head Academy we expect a high standard of personal appearance and a readiness to learn. Students are required to dress  smartly and appropriately, wearing the school uniform, at all times.

We strongly believe that wearing the correct uniform is integral to students being ready to learn, having pride in belonging to the school, having a positive attitude and being prepared for the world of work.

Uniform for Boys 

  • Black blazer with grey edging and academy logo
  • Black V-neck Academy jumper with grey trim (compulsory)
  • Plain white shirt with a collar and a top button
  • Academy tie
  • Mid grey tailored school trousers (from any school wear provider)
  • Black school shoes (not trainers or canvas shoes)

    Please see the attached link which details the types of shoes that the school approves.

    Wydsors World of Shoes

Uniform for Girls

  • Mid Grey tailored school trousers (from any school wear provider) or
  • Mid grey (knee length) formal straight skirt (from any school wear provider)
  • Black tights-to be worn under school skirt
  • Please see the attached link which details the types of shoes that the school approves.           Wydsors World of Shoes

Uniform Guidance

  • Shirts-must be tucked in at all times
  • Jumpers-are part of the full uniform and must be worn around the Academy at all times
  • Jeans and jean style trousers-whether in denim or any other material are not accepted. This includes leggings and jeggings.
  • Outdoor clothing-tracksuit/hooded leisure tops are not accepted. No hats or caps are to be worn around the Academy. Boots may be worn for travelling to the Academy in poor weather, however shoes must be brought to wear in school. All outdoor clothing, including scarves, are to be removed inside the building.
  • Inappropriate Uniform-it is a compulsory expectation that all students meet the uniform standard. Students are expected to borrow items of uniform from Academy stock if necessary, and will not be allowed to attend lessons if the uniform does not meet the expected standard.
PE Kit (new kit compulsory from Sept 2018)


  • Blue polo top (with logo)
  • School blue sweatshirt or hoodie (with school logo)
  • Blue PE shorts with logo (boys) / navy leggings with logo (girls)
  • Blue/navy PE socks (boys only)
  • Change of footwear (suitable trainers)

The school hoodie and blue tracksuit bottoms can be worn to cover arms and legs during PE if religious beliefs decree.

For guidance on all footwear please consult the school shoe catalogue produced in conjunction with Wynsors World of Shoes (http://www.wynsors.com/school_shoes).

The Birches Head Academy authorised uniform suppliers are:

Motif Marketing, 11 Millrise Road, Milton, Stoke on Trent, ST2 7BN – Tel; 01782 534849

Parents can also buy from their online shop as well as visiting the shop in Milton. Items can be collected or they offer a postal service


Jewellery and cosmetics
  • A watch (bracelets or rings are not permitted)
  • One pair of studded earrings only
  • Light make-up only (this is at the discretion of the academy)
  • To adhere to health and safety regulations. Facial piercings of any kind including tongue piercings are strictly prohibited
  • Hair tones are to be natural with no extreme colours (this is at the discretion of the academy)
Personal Equipment
  • Students are expected to be equipped at all times, this includes the following items:

Pen, Pencil, Ruler, Rubber, Planner, reading book and school bag (required to be large enough to carry exercise books and all equipment).

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