BHA Spirit Gallery

This gallery is to showcase some of the amazing work our students are producing whilst working from home

  • Excellent work from Jessica F in the Year 9 maths intervention resulting in a 100% grade in Hegarty maths. Great work. 11/01/2021

  • Here is an example of some great individual research done over the holidays by Conor B in 7H1, on his chosen topic of Greek Mythology. A budding historian, keep up the amazing work. Miss Garside. 08/01/2021

  • Some great work from Aimi year 8

  • Mr Burndred was delighted to deliver this certificate this morning. Kian was the first pupil to complete all three of his sections as part of his Bronze Dofe award. He showed great resilience to continue with his activities despite lockdown and get everything finished off. Unfortunately he has not yet been able to complete his expedition, to achieve the full award but Mr Burndred believes he will smash it, when it’s safe to do.

  • Gabby in Y7 has done a fantastic project about ‘Bringing recycling into school

  • We received this lovely work of art made my Reece Y11

  • Below is a small selection of nice work from Drama/Music over the past couple of weeks

Luca D Y7 Beautiful Work Isabelle S Y10 Beautiful Work

  • Yet another example of some brilliant RE work in Year 8. This particular student embodies our motto “aspire to be more” and is a fantastic model of my expectations as a teacher-Miss Stockdale-Fisher

  • Some fantastic work from our Year 9 Options group doing some work in preparation for their GCSE RE study. Here we have different styles of work, all presented beautifully with great levels of care and attention to detail.

A great piece of Computer Science work from Jessica.

  • Some examples of beautiful oracy work from Elaila R, Jessica Z, and Tyler C

  • Here is some lovely cooking from a couple of our Year 7 students Elliott and Tyler. Well done!

  • Here is a lovely, informative piece on the very topical problem of plastic pollution, from Tyler in Y7 Plastic Pollution
  • Brandon Year 7 has done a great piece of work for geography.

  • Some super work from Jessica a year 8 student.

  • Here are two wonderful creations for animal adaptations from Jessica (sloth) and Elliot (dragontit)

Click here for Elliot’s adaptation.  Animal Adaptations

  • Jessica’s google design is ‘Loving animals saves lives’. Well done Jessica!

  • Caitlin has been doing some lovely drawing.

  • Attached is a selection of “beautiful work” for Music over the last 2 weeks from Alexandra, Andreea, Litia, Brooke and Rory:

and Natasha B Beautiful Work Neve T Beautiful Work 1 Neve T Beautiful Work 2 and Raymond Z Beautiful Work

  • We have received this piece of op art from Roxana. Beautiful colours and a great example of op art.

  • Here’s some lovely revision work from Hajrah this week HA Work
  • A great piece of dot art from Madi

  • Lily May – great work and always willing to work back into her artwork to improve it further. Brilliant skill and attitude. 

  • We have had some creative work handed in from Enzo (first image)  and Emily (second image) both of Year 10

  • Paige H has been cooking some great food at home!

  • Layton S Year 7 has done a great piece of work on plastic pollution

  • Some fantastic work from Y10 Historians Ellie and TJ on Elizabeth I. Keep up the great work. Miss Garside

  • A great google logo to represent key workers in the current pandemic by Noyan year 7 -‘amazing work in computer science’ says Miss Gordon

  • Revision work from Neve in Year. She is up to date with her online learning so has begun creating these revision notes. Outstanding dedication from her.

  • Some brilliant Year 7 work for RE 😊

  • Another excellent piece of work from Jessica in Year 9 for RE. We love to see links made between curriculum and current affairs and Jess has done this brilliantly by referencing Covid-19.

  • This is beautiful work by Charlie Year 7

  • A great piece of work from Daniel in Year 7

  • Some great home cooking from Paige, Ben, Zaiden, Kian, Briannah, Saoirse, Tyler and Megan,

  • Ania sent me this, her robot design. Absolutely fantastic drawing and design idea. Miss Savigar

  • Further beautifully presented Performing Art work from Alexandra, Dhanyal, Elaila, Stefania and Raymond

  • The Performing Arts team are super impressed with Dhanyal’s work .

  • This one is from Megan W, again same assessment as below. These are all an excellent start to Option RE!

  • Here is some great science work to be shared. Attached is work from Paige, Ellie, Dilan and Megan – Year 10.

  • A Brilliant sock puppet made by Noyan

  • Another superb piece of work from Ethan in year 7! 

  • Another lovely poster, well done Jess! There is some fantastic RE work coming in – keep it up everyone!

  • Grace Y7 has sent a photograph of a window display she has done with her family to commemorate VE day.

  • Another great piece of RE work, well done Maddi! 

  • Maria Year 10 has been using inks/embroidery and pencil to complete some drawings at home. They’re really strong and she’s eager to improve them. 

  • Great work from Emily Year 10

  • Luca in Year 7 has shared these with us via on Teams. He’s done them in his own time. Well done!

  • Some fantastic work in Geography by Elliot

  • An excellent speech by Cameron on the subject of ‘discrimination’.

  • Alfie says about his art work below:

My art work is about Jesus Christ on the cross as he died for our sins and lives inside us that’s why I put Jesus lives on the bottom of the paper. Although I’m not very religious I would still like to believe that there is a God out there for when we die.I also believe that there other types of religious such as; Judaism, Islam and Hinduism.”

  • A superb piece of work about the United Nations from a Year 7 pupil.

  • Daniel-Year 7 has achieved amazing smooth tone which shows the spherical shape. Well done! 

  • See the pencil drawings that Emily in year 10 has completed. I’m so impressed at the skill she’s shown without any guidance from me. Can I put out a reminder to year 10 that if they need any support with drawings they can send me images and I will do my best to offer guidance via Teams chat and demonstrations to work back into existing drawings.Miss Howorth

  • For geography, Tyler has produced this fantastic tourist leaflet for Svalbard
  • Alexandra’s paintings in year 10 show a great level of varying tone, which creates the 3D image. She is always eager to improve and takes on board all feedback to rework her paintings in order to improve them. Great resilience and natural talent. Well done! 

  • Taylor-Jo has produced a great poster of plant and animal cells

  • Tylese has done a wonderful design for a puppet for his drama lesson and has worked hard on his drawings for the Y7 ‘Everyday object’ project

  • Enzo (Y10) has made a fantastic start on his Urban Environment project

  • Some great Spanish language work

  • . Josh has completed this piece of artwork with found objects. He’s accurately represented all of the objects. 

  • Some fantastic History work happening. Huge shout out Maddi in Y8 for her consistent hard work and Tylese in Y7 for his brilliant castles project. Keep up the amazing work!

Miss Garside

See Emily’ work. She’s really pushed herself to try new materials and her sketchbook is continuing to grow! Miss Howorth is very proud of her Year 10 art group. They’re all showing great resilience and dedication

Great RE work by our students.

Year 7’s have done some brilliant work around cyber security and homes of the futures:

  • Lucas has built this car at home-showing some  excellent technology skills.

  •  Look what Kian has made-Rock Cakes- They’re making me hungry!!!!
  • Great dance work from Henrick in year 7 

Finlay in Year 7 has made flapjack from the recipe that was sent out and 

Our students have completed a staggering 15,814 questions as of 4am 27th March.

Ali deserves a special mention as she completed 1594 questions with 21 hours and 24 minutes of learning!

All of this puts us in the top third of Hegarty using schools across the country!

Kelsie in YR9 is really settling in to working from home. 

  • Year 10 English GCSE Poetry Revision 

Jay YR 7

  • Some great work from Year 10 below

Alexandra has a true talent 

Some great oracy work from Maddie

And fantastic from Maddie again.

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