January 2021

Unsolved Competition

December 2020


Birches Head are currently taking part in ‘Stoke it up’ –  a reading incentive to promote the love of reading in year 7 pupils. We have linked with other schools in Stoke on Trent with the aim of reading 1 BILLION words! We can do this – lets get reading!


Imagine! Thought provoking poetry – get involved with the latest competition. Create your own poem linking to the theme: imagine! To get involved, please speak to your English teacher. You could be a poet, why don’t you show it!

Please see an below an amazing poem created by our very own Summer in Year 7

Imagine if the world just agreed,

Unity is all that we need,

Imagine if we could voice what we believe,

Without any hate we usually receive.

We shouldn’t judge people on the colour of their skin,

As we never know what really lies within.

For example, take George Floyd,

Look at his life so easily destroyed.

People a part of the LGBTQ,

You shouldn’t be bullied for just being you.

We express ourselves in different ways,

We don’t want to be told it’s just a phase.

Imagine if the world just agreed,

All of these poor people could just be freed.

September 2020-Pupils at Birches Head Academy have been engrossed in a range of fantastic activities celebrating ‘Roald Dahl Day’! The library has been full of fun filled tasks for pupils to get stuck into! Students have been given the opportunity to win prizes over the coming weeks for reading our very own custom-made Roald Dahl reading list, which has been taken up with gusto!”

On Tuesday, pupils at Birches Head celebrated National Literacy day. All pupils immersed themselves in ‘all things literacy’ by completing a series of literacy puzzles! Please take a look at the images below to see what some of the pupils were getting up to.

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