The Academy’s admission policy for 2022/23 is under consultation. This coincides with the schools conversion to an Academy within the Frank Field Education Trust.

Any interested parties wishing to participate in the consultation should click on the link below.  The policy is listed below and if would like to respond within the consultation period of  16th December 2020 to 31st January 2021 please send an email to  with a title heading of Admission Policy Consultation detailing any comments for consultation.


Induction Policy

The aim of our Student Admissions/Induction Policy is to provide every student with an appropriate induction programme deemed suitable for their individual needs and entitlements.


An effective induction programme is a vital foundation for continuous learning, by supporting the progression, achievement and development of all students new to the school.


  • to provide newly arrived students with a safe welcoming environment where they are accepted, valued and encouraged to participate
  • to gather accurate information, backgrounds and educational experiences
  • to ensure that the knowledge, experience, skills are acknowledged and nurtured to develop all aspects of the child
  • to ensure that parents/carers are informed and understand the educational system and polices of the school
  • to implement strategies and programmes to encourage new students and are included as a member of the school and the community

From July 8th 2019 In Year Application Form 2019 20  to download the application form or contact the school for more information.


Admissions Application Process

Where students are transferring via the normal process at the end of an academic year from primary to secondary education, the school participates in the Local Authority Coordinated Scheme operated by Stoke on Trent City Council and all deadlines within that scheme should be adhered to by applicants. All applications must be made using the Common Application Form (CAF) which will be made available by the Local Authority. Applications must be made direct to the Council by the deadline specified by them (normally the end of October of the year preceding admission).

Please click ADMISSIONS POLICY 2019 20 to view and download

Please click  ADMISSIONS POLICY 2020 21 to  view and download

Please click  ADMISSIONS POLICY 2021 22 to view and download. Please also click on the link to view Policies, procedures and strategies-Academic Year 2021-22


Mid – Year Transfer Applications Process

In year application for admission to the school must be made directly to the school using the school’s application form – From July 8th 2019 In Year Application Form 2019 20 to download the application form. The transfer application form must be signed by the child’s present Headteacher/Principal. Parents of an EU student must provide birth certificate of the child, parent and child’s passport and/or ID card when submitting a transfer application form. Each application will be presented to the Governing Body Admissions panel for a decision. This decision will be reported back to parents via a telephone call or letter. Where an application has been declined, parents/carers have the right to appeal. The Local Authority will support you with the appeals process.


To ensure that each admission is smooth and effective this must include:

  • Statutory requirements for the legal register
  • Contact with previous schools to ascertain background information prior to meeting on achievement/progress/levels, attendance, behaviour/conduct, will be made
  • A pre -admissions meeting with the Head of Year to discuss the student’s needs, school expectations and polices and agree admission date
  • Guided tour around the school where possible

In addition to the above process some students (ie, vulnerable / statement students / looked after children / EAL students) may require further Intensive Support Induction Programme – please refer to the additional tabs for more information

In Year Transfer for Vulnerable / Statement Students / Looked After Children

  • Students with an Educational Health Care Plan or are looked after should approach the Local Authority before completing the application form
  • A pre admissions meeting will be arranged with either Deputy Head: Pastoral, SENCO, Senior Pastoral Leader, Inclusion Manager or Head of Year, Parent/Carers and student to identify need and support
  • Curriculum support for students with a Statement will be implemented by the SENCO

EAL Students

English as Additional Language students who have arrived in England are defined as the following;

  • Refugees
  • Asylum Seekers
  • Economic Migrants
  • Gypsy Roma
  • Traveller Pupils

Although some of the above students may have some experience of English speaking many do not. It is important to ensure that the induction programme to The Birches Head Academy is smooth in its transition as possible.  The minimum induction programme must be implemented along with identified Intensive Support where applicable:

  • EAL lead person is notified by the Senior Pastoral Leader on arrival and a meeting time and date is arranged in conjunction with Head of Year for admission
  • During first meeting an interpreter may be present if requested organised either by the school or Parent/Carer
  • Gradual integration (Part time Timetable) may be required in the first instance for the student to adapt to new environment, which may be authorised by the Senior Pastoral Leader or Deputy Head: Pastoral
  • Appropriate setting

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