Learning Programmes

All pupils follow a Learning Programme in all subjects to maximise pupil engagement. The LPs are available on the school website for parents and pupils to access from home. They detail the programme of study for each subject, setting out the knowledge, skills and understanding each child is expected to learn. The Learning Programmes also signpost the assessment procedures including homework that will be set each week.

The Learning Programmes cover the content required by the National Curriculum and examination specifications in all subjects at Key Stage. This will be set out on a week-by- week basis together with the homework requirements, literacy, objectives and learning skills that are the particular area of focus each week.

It is expected that Learning Programmes are revised and updated regularly in light of evaluation of their effectiveness and to reflect any changes in terms of course content and gaps in learning.

Teachers plan the pupils’ learning over a three year learning journey. Skills, knowledge and understanding are developed throughout each year split into  5  Learning  Programmes. The Learning  Programmes  cover  seven  weeks  and  follow  a  rhythm  of  learning  and  review  that  ensures  that  pupils make rapid progress by responding appropriately to teachers’ formative feedback.

Each  Learning  Programme  builds  on  prior  learning  and  starts  with  an  overview  of  the  teaching  for   the Learning  Programme  ensuring  that  key  points in learning, such  as  ends  and  starts  of  units, investigations  and  trips  are  highlighted. The  teacher  explains  how  the  learning  links  with  previous learning and supports the learning to come.

Every fortnight learning will be reviewed and pupils then respond appropriately to the teachers’ feedback. This culminates in weeks five and seven where the learning for the Learning Programme is assessed and time given for appropriate feedback and pupil response.

This cycle continues through the five Learning Programmes across each of the five years

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Year 10

Year 11

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